IASIL Elections 2022

A message from Returning Officer Rui Carvalho Homem regarding the results of the nominations for the IASIL Executive, 2022-25.

Dear members,

In my capacity as IASIL Returning Officer, I am pleased to confirm that the recent nomination process for the IASIL Executive is now complete. The list of duly nominated members for the period 2022-25 is as follows:

Christina Morin – Chairperson

Deirdre Flynn – Secretary

Ailbhe McDaid – Treasurer

Rui Carvalho Homem – Returning Officer

Tom Walker – Vice-Chairperson for Ireland

Marisol Morales Ladrón – Vice-Chairperson for Europe

José Lanters – Vice-Chairperson for North America

Andrew Fitzsimons – Vice-Chairperson for Japan

Laura Izarra – Vice-Chairperson for Other Countries

Stefanie Lehner – Representative for Ireland

Ian Walsh – Representative for Ireland

Cormac O’Brien – Representative for Ireland

Katharina Rennhak – Representative for Europe

Nicholas Taylor-Collins – Representative for Europe

Thierry Robin – Representative for Europe

Matthew Reznicek – Representative for North America

Aileen Ruane – Representative for North America

Brad Kent – Representative for North America

Naoko Toraiwa – Representative for Japan

Yuri Yoshino – Representative for Japan

Tetsuko Nakamura – Representative for Japan

Beatriz Kopschitz Bastos – Representative for Other Countries

Youngmin Kim – Representative for Other Countries

Rónán McDonald – Representative for Other Countries

Rosanne Gallenne – Postgraduate Representative

As the list shows, all positions have been filled and are uncontested – i.e. no more than one nomination has been received per position. Under the applicable regulations, it will not be necessary to hold a ballot, and the nominations will be validated at the forthcoming AGM in Limerick.

Allow me a brief note to say that it was a genuine pleasure to cooperate with all who took part in this process – and to add that it’s a privilege to find myself nominated for another term in this position.

Looking forward to seeing you all (or as many of you as possible) in Limerick this July, for what will hopefully be our first in-person IASIL event in three years,

With best wishes,


(Rui Carvalho Homem)