EFACIS Translation Project: Anne Enright

Call for Translators and Referees

Dear colleagues,

After the Yeats, Banville and Aistriu projects we are very glad to invite you to participate in our next world-wide Translation project which focuses on texts by Anne Enright. As you’ll see on the website https://enright.efacis.eu/pages/invitation you can choose from different texts in different genres (fiction and non-fiction) with different lengths. You can choose whether you invite (some of) your students to translate a text and/or whether you want to do one yourself.

As we will celebrate Enright’s 60th birthday in October 2022 we want to collect all translations (and comments) by 1 July 2022 but in order to have an overview of what to expect we would welcome a declaration of interest before 1 July 2021, along with the logo of your institution/school/centre which we will post on the website.

Also, if you agree to be a reviewer, send us your bio and photo (and logo of your university) as we will post these from now on. The Banville Project collected fine translations in 40 languages; let’s do even better for Enright?

Beside the web publication we also envisage editing a book with a selection of texts & comments.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us on henri.bloemen@kuleuven.be and hedwig.schwall@kuleuven.be

We look forward to hearing from you!

Henri Bloemen and Hedwig Schwall, KU Leuven