New Publication: Catholic Survival in Protestant Ireland, 1660-1711

Catholic Survival in Protestant Ireland, 1660-1711: Colonel John Browne, Landownership and the Articles of Limerick

Eoin Kinsella
Boydell and Brewer
This is the first monograph-length study of an Irish Catholic landowner in late seventeenth and early eighteenth century Ireland, a period of sustained, violent upheaval in Irish Catholic history. It is also the first monograph-length study of all of the terms of surrender signed by the Irish Jacobite administration in 1690 and 1691.
While traditional accounts of early modern Ireland have traced a seemingly inevitable decline of the Catholic landed interest following the Cromwellian and Williamite wars of the 17th century, portraying the community as leaderless and politically moribund after the surrender of Limerick in 1691, Dr Kinsella’s book uncovers something different. It shows that many Catholic landowners managed to secure their positions in the new regime and maintain a political voice in an Ireland which was actually surprisingly interconnected.
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