Graduate Student Funding in Irish Studies Concordia University, Montreal


Announcement of Graduate Student Funding in Irish Studies

Concordia University, Montreal


Building on the growing number of graduate students attracted to Irish Studies at Concordia University in Montreal, the School of Irish Studies, with the generous support of the Canadian Irish Studies Foundation, is delighted to announce a major new funding initiative for incoming Master’s and PhD students. All students supervised by faculty or fellows in the School of Irish Studies in any discipline (History, Literature, Theatre, etc.) or in interdisciplinary programs (HUMA, INDI) are eligible to apply.


Successful applicants can secure up to $20,000/year for 4 years for a PhD, or $12,000/year for two years for a Master’s, by combining Irish Studies financial support with other sources of funding (e.g. external grants, Graduate School and/or program fellowships, teaching or research assistantships, etc.) during the first four years of a PhD or two years of an MA degree.


To apply, applicants should first visit the webpage of the School of Irish Studies for the research interests of faculty and fellows, as well as information on graduate programs at Concordia and the full range of funding opportunities available. In the first instance, applicants should make informal contact with the appropriate professor in Irish Studies and then apply to the specific program in which they plan to enroll.  Applicants who have been accepted into their program, have applied for all available funding, and have agreement to work with a professor or fellow in School should then apply to Irish Studies for funding.


All awards will be made at the discretion of the School of Irish Studies in consultation with the School of Graduate Studies and the relevant Graduate Program Director.