Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities. Institute of Irish Studies, Liverpool University


The Busteed Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards



The Institute of Irish Studies at Liverpool University has received a generous gift. That gift will be for postdoctoral awards that aim to enhance the career of successful applicants. These awards are based upon promoting research with an Irish theme, and in particular research that gives voice or recognition to groups who suffer(ed) marginalisation, persecution and invisibility. Each award should promote values such as inclusivity, conflict transformation, social justice and cultural and/or economic inclusion.

In the first instance there will be no fewer than 6 awards. These will be awarded over a minimum of a 5 year period. It is proposed that there will be two awards in the first instance. With regard to the first 2 awards we are keen to receive applications that examine Protestant political culture, post-conflict analysis, gender in post-conflict Ireland, labourism and Ireland (North and South), transitional justice, the political economy of Ireland and work that examines poverty and social dislocation in Northern Ireland. However, these themes can be combined and are not exclusive of other ideas. Applications who fail to receive an award are not excluded from re-applying.

Fellowship Conditions

The fellowships are aimed to provide career development for those who have completed a Ph.D. and who have a proven record of high quality academic outputs.

A fellowship is tenable for one year. It is not renewable.

Applicants will not be in full-time academic posts. Nor may they be involved in any full-time study or research project within a full-time education/research programme/project. The Fellowship will not be awarded to anyone who has held a full-time academic post in the past 3 years or who will be, during their fellowship, in full-time employment. Those who have been fellows, research assistants or part-time academics can apply;


A Fellow may undertake up to 6 hours per week teaching at any place of Higher Education;

A career break is permitted;

If you held any other postdoctoral award you are eligible to apply;

The fellowship cannot be held at any other institution;

Successful applicants will detail a research plan that will involve publishable work during their tenure. All publications related to the award must acknowledge the Busteed Postdoctoral Fellowship Award. The award will cover outputs such as books, peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters and digital outputs;

Fellows will work with a dedicated member of staff within the Institute of Irish Studies, University of Liverpool. That member of staff will offer advice, assistance and career mentorship;

A progress report will be required each quarter of the award to the Busteed Postdoctoral Award Committee;

The award will be for £12,000 and will be paid monthly; if an award holder does not meet a progress threshold the award will be withdrawn. The award will be tax free.

You will be afforded office space and all normal access to University of Liverpool facilities for one year. The award does not cover additional items such as computers. All travel should be undertaken within the award.

The subject of the award must be related to an academic analysis of a theme that relates to the island of Ireland. The award can be comparative in context. Each award should promote values such as inclusivity, conflict transformation, social justice and cultural and/or economic inclusion.

Subjects that will be considered appropriate are Irish Studies, History, Politics, Literature, Geography, Law, Economics, Management, Social Sciences, Gender Studies, Post-Colonial Studies and other Arts and Humanities disciplines. Science and medical disciplines will be considered if they follow a social justice or related outcome.

Awards that pinpoint the impact of the research to be undertaken will be viewed positively.


The application must include (each separately and in Palatino Linotype 12 point):

Title of research proposal: No more than 100 characters including spaces.

Award Topic and Theme: No more than 2000 words as a case for support describing the research question(s), methods, timetable of activities, use of funds, impact of the research and outputs. You must also mention the date on which you would take up the award. This must be the first of the month and within 6 months of notification of a Fellowship award.

Curriculum Vitae: This must not be longer than two sides of A4. It must detail your current and past research experience. A list of publications must clearly state if outputs are published, under-review or in press. You must attach evidence of publications that are under-review or in press. Publications must be presented under the headings Book(s), Peer Reviewed Journal Articles, Book Chapter(s), and digital and other outputs. A failure to produce evidence that unpublished material is in press or under-review will lead to your application being ineligible. For each publication or output a link to it must be provided such as ISSN, ISBN, DOI number or website reference.

You must submit what you consider to be your best publication/output. This must be done electronically.

You should only include your third level education background and qualifications and your contact details. All academic prizes, awards and teaching should be detailed. For your undergraduate and postgraduate studies and research you should detail the impact of that period upon your research knowledge and how that has framed your present research commitments.

You can contact Prof. Peter Shirlow with any queries at before submission of your application.

Assessment Criteria

The Busteed Post-Doctoral Fellowship Award Committee will make the final decision. The Committee will be made up of at least 3 academics presently employed at the University of Liverpool. Mervyn Busteed will not be part of that decision-making but will observe the process and interview. A short summary of each application will be produced for use by the Committee.

Those shortlisted will be expected to undertake an interview in person or by skype or similar interface. The Institute will pay £80 for travel to interview. All receipts must be presented after interview for payment.

Your application will be acknowledged. The Committee will inform you by email if your application was unsuccessful. Feedback will not normally be given unless it relates to re-application.

The deadline for application will be 5pm on the 21st January 2017. Your application must be sent via email with all relevant documents attached. We will not accept applications after that time. They should be sent to Ms. Dorothy Lynch ( The subject line should read The Busteed Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards.