Call for Participants: Research Study

Shane McGarry, a PhD candidate in Digital Humanities at Maynooth University, is seeking participants for an upcoming research study. The study (which comprises both a focus group and individual 1 on 1 interviews) focuses on how users interact with Digital Scholarly Editions such as The Letters of 1916, The Woodman Diary, and Vincent Van Gogh The Letters. Shane is seeking participants for a focus group (to take place in either September or October) which will explore ideas for how users interact with these websites and what changes or improvements they would wish to see for future types of editions. Additionally, Shane is also seeking participants for 1 on 1 interviews (to take place early 2017) to test out prototypes of new editions that will built based on the focus group feedback.

If you are interested in participating or wish to learn more about the study, please go to From here, you can fill out the form to sign up as a participant or download the information sheet which has more detail regarding the study.