PhD position available

PhD Candidate in ³Borders, memories and diasporic communities” within   the Border Poetics/Border Culture research group at the Institute for Literature and Culture.

UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, has a PhD position vacant for applicants who  wish to obtain the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD). The PhD  position is for a fixed term: 4 years. The objective is completion of research training to the level of a doctoral degree. Admission to a  PhD programme is a prerequisite for employment, and the programme  period starts on commencement of the position. The PhD Candidate shall participate in the faculty¹s organized research training, and the PhD project shall be completed during the period of employment.   Information about the application process for admission to the PhD programme, application form and regulations for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) are available at the following address:

The position¹s affiliation: The position is attached to the Department of Culture and Literature and to the research group Border Poetics / Border Culture:

The Department comprises a total of about 40 positions and conducts research, teaching and outreach activities in the subjects of comparative literature, Ancient Languages and Culture, English, Finnish, French, Nordic, Russian, Saami, German, Art History and Media and Documentation Science with library studies.

The position¹s field of research/research project:  Research projects should address the cultural dynamics of cross-border migration and diasporic communities from a diachronic perspective.  Specifically, the project should look at the way in which border-crossings on different scales (global, national, regional, local) are represented and commemorated in diasporic communities, and what implications such commemorative processes have on discourses of difference and integration. The position might address such issues as cultural memory, the Œright to memory¹, cross-communal Œperformative¹ encounters, Œmemory cultures¹, ‘digital memories’, and Œmultidirectional memory¹. We strongly encourage interdisciplinary approaches and we do not have a specific diasporic community in mind.   Rather the candidate can choose the empirical frame of the project, but should have competence in the language of the selected community. Approaches could for example include, but is not limited to, an analysis of combinations of different medial forms suc h as autobiographical literature and migrant¹s video self-representations, or a comparative study of works of literature and films about, or produced by, particular diasporic communities. Research can be undertaken within media studies, comparative literature or within any of the language-specific fields currently investigated at the Dept. of Culture and Literature.

For further information, please contact Associate Professor Stephen Wolfe, tel. +47 77 64 42 72+47 77 64 42 72, e-mail:

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Holger Pøtzsch, tlf. +47 77 64 53 80+47 77 64 53 80, e-mail:

or head of the Department of Culture and   Literature Ketil Zachariassen tel. +47 776 44258+47 776 44258, e-mail:

The following reference number must be quoted in your application:  2014/33 and the application form must be completed by 17.04.2014: