Instructions for IASIL Bibliography

Editorial Instructions

1. Use Times New Roman and 10 point throughout, with the first line left-hand justified and indentation for run-on lines:

KATZ, Daniel, ‘Beckett’s Measures: Principles of Pleasure in Molloy and First Love’, in Modern Fiction Studies, 49:2, pp. 246-60.

2.  For articles and books in languages other than English, add a rough translation of the title after a slash.

3. Within single inverted commas use double quotation marks.

4. Where there are several editors or authors, punctuation and initialing should be as follows:

MALCOLM, D., KUBIŃSKA, O., & MODRZEWSKI, S., eds., Eseje o współczesnej poezji brytyjskiej i irlandzkiej / Essays on Contemporary British and Irish Poetry, Vol. 2, University of Gdańsk Press (Gdańsk). [In Polish].

If there are more than three authors, use ‘et al’.