PHD SCHOLARSHIP: Mapping Elsewhere in Irish Periodical Publishing, MIC Limerick

Applications are now open for a Postgraduate Scholarship in English at the Department of English Language and Literature, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick.

The scholarship is for an award titled the ‘PATHOS’ Postgraduate Scholarship, to work on a defined PhD Project entitled ‘Mapping Elsewhere in Irish Periodical Publishing’, funded by an SFI-IRC Pathways Fellowship led by Principal Investigator Dr Ailbhe McDaid.

Award: Fees + €22,000 annual stipend

Scholarships are confined to Doctoral (PhD) projects, with funding provided for up to four years. There will be no financial support beyond the fourth year.

The deadline for applications is 21 August 2024

Download the PATHOS PhD Scholarship Information here (.pdf)

Download the PATHOS PhD Application Form here (.docx)


Pathologies of Violence: Inscriptions of Global Conflict in Irish Literature, 1922-present. (PATHOS)

PATHOS documents the development of global ethical citizenship in recent Irish writing, situating Irish literature in a global context by considering how international crises reach Irish shores. Funded by an SFI-IRC Pathways Fellowship, PATHOS will run from 2024-2028, and will employ a Postdoctoral Fellow and a PhD student to work on aspects of the research programme. The project involves collaborations with key cultural organisations including the eminent literary magazine The Stinging Fly and award-winning art gallery The Glucksman. Planned activities include interdisciplinary creative workshops, a publicly-available digital repository, exhibitions, international conferences and multi-media dissemination. 

PhD Project: ‘Mapping Elsewhere in Irish Periodical Publishing’.

The PhD student will work on a defined research project entitled ‘Mapping Elsewhere in Irish Periodical Publishing’. The PhD project will document the manifestation of ‘elsewhere’ in periodical publishing since 1922, with a mixed-methodology approach underpinned by Digital Humanities techniques. The student will use critical analysis to produce a survey of recent and emerging trends in Irish periodical publishing. The PhD project is positioned at the cutting-edge of current cultural, creative and critical debates on diversity and inclusion in the Irish arts sector. The student will undertake a deep engagement with these questions at the frontier of knowledge, culminating in a comprehensive survey of the iterations of internationalism in literary journals.

Enquiries about this post are welcome – please contact Dr Ailbhe McDaid (PATHOS PI) at