PODCAST: Scott McKendry in conversation with Alex Alonso and Jessica Bundschuh 

In his conversation with Alex Alonso and Jessica Bundschuh, Scott McKendry talks about and reads from his recently published poetry volume GUB. He discusses the new orthography he designed for his North Belfast accent in this volume; the importance of dialects and his research on dialect in Irish poetry; the balance between the serious subjects and the irreverent spirit of his poems; and the inescapable influence of Ciaran Carson. Click here to listen.

Initiated in 2020, the Irish Itinerary Podcast is the digital version of the EFACIS Irish Itinerary circuit which organises live events with Irish authors and artists in university cities and towns all over Europe. It seeks to contribute to transnational dialogues, conversations and discussions about contemporary Irish literature, music and art in and beyond Europe. 

The Irish Itinerary Podcast allows Irish authors and artists active on the island of Ireland to present their work online. Hosted by leading Irish Studies scholars from the expansive network of EFACIS, the readings and performances of Irish authors and artists are integrated into interviews. This approach reaffirms and furthers our commitment to integrating cultural events and academic projects in the field of Irish Studies