NEW BOOK: Wild Colonial Boys

Manchester University Press

A Belfast Punk Story

By Thomas Paul Burgess

Ruefrex were one of Northern Ireland’s most popular and uncompromising punk rock bands. Emerging from the Belfast street-gang culture of the late-1970s, the group, inspired by The Clash, enjoyed a turbulent, decade-long career. They played for millions on CNN and Channel 4, toured with The Pogues and recorded the controversial ‘The Wild Colonial Boy’, which attacked American donations to Northern Irish terrorist organisations.

Throughout it all, founder member, songwriter and spokesperson Thomas Paul Burgess ensured the band remained faithful to their Protestant, working-class origins. This candid memoir takes us on a journey from the streets of Belfast to encounters with U2, Shane MacGowan, The Cure, The Fall and Seamus Heaney.

From strife-torn 1970s Belfast to bohemian London, Wild colonial boys tells the story of a punk band who refused to give up and stayed true to their punk roots.

About the author:
Thomas Paul Burgess is an academic, novelist and musician. His band Ruefrex achieved commercial and critical success in the 1970s and 1980s, releasing seven singles and three albums.

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