EVENT: IASIL Postgraduate & ECR Roundtable

EDI in Irish Studies

Tuesday February 27th, 6pm (Irish Time) Online

Designed as a platform for young and early career researcher to share their research and experience, the first IASIL Postgraduates Roundtable will explore what EDI means in Irish Studies. Our speakers – Sandrine Ndahiro (UL), Taylor Follett (UCD), Tapasya Narang (UCD), Javier Torres-Fernández (Universidad de Almería) and Victor Augusto Da Cruz Pacheco (Universidade de São Paulo) will share their perspectives on how EDI impacts and/or intervenes in their lives as researchers and in what context(s), which will open the discussion regarding the direction(s) EDI is and should be taking, and how solutions can be applied, both for Irish Studies and beyond. The event is chaired by IASIL Postgraduate Representative Rosanne Gallenne. Register here.

Speaker Bios:

Taylor (he/him) is a PhD candidate at University College Dublin, where he researches women’s relationship to the family in Irish novels post-2010. Taylor’s research interests include contemporary Irish writing, LGBTQ+ representation in Irish literature and beyond, and queer and trans* theory. He is the founder and chairperson of the Trans* Research Association of Ireland (TRAI). Originally from rural Northern California, he lives in Dublin with his husband and pets.

Tapasya Narang is the inaugural National Library of Ireland and IRC funded postdoctoral fellow at UCD English. Her research focuses on little magazines from Dublin and Bombay. Previously, she worked as Lecturer in English at Maynooth University and Dublin City University. Tapasya’s profile combines academic research with social engagement. She guest edited the 11th issue of Poetry Ireland’s Trumpet that foregrounded social critique in small press productions in Ireland. In 2022, she won the Arts Council’s Agility Award to conduct research on Irish women’s ephemera.

Victor Pacheco is a PhD candidate at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, and his research on blackness in contemporary Irish fiction is financed by the São Paulo Research Foundation scholarship.

J. Javier Torres-Fernández, BA and MA in English Studies, is currently registered for a PhD and working at the University of Almería (Spain) as a predoctoral fellow funded by the Spanish Ministry of Universities. He is a member of the Women, Literature and Society Research Group (HUM-874) and his work deals with HIV/AIDS representation in Irish and American theatre. Most recently he has edited the special issue “Contextualising Trauma and Disadvantage” for JOFIS.

Sandrine Uwase Ndahiro is a fourth- year English Ph.D student at the University of Limerick. Sandrine’s research employs theoretical frameworks associated with the field of postcolonial studies to read the environmental crisis unfolding in Africa using literature and art from an Africanist cultural perspective. She is the co-founder and co-editor in chief of Unapologetic a multidisciplinary, literary, cultural, and artistic response to the social issues and creative opportunities of contemporary Ireland. She has book chapters on the topic of Black Irish culture, and Black environmentalism.

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