BOOK LAUNCH: Harpy by Caroline Magennis

Harpy – A Manifesto for Childfree Women – Icon Books

Book Launch May 9th, 2024

International Anthony Burgess Foundation3 Cambridge Street Manchester M1 5BY United Kingdom

Come join writer and academic Caroline Magennis in conversation with Claire Lynch (author of Small, Professor at Brunel University) to celebrate the launch of her book Harpy: A Manifesto for Childfree Women (Icon Books, 2023).

In this timely and thoughtful book, Caroline Magennis looks beyond the often-divisive conversation around women who choose to be childfree and offers an alternative message of hope and celebration. With humour and intelligence, she explores why motherhood isn’t right for everybody and how any woman – whether a parent or childfree – can live a full life, while also reminding the reader that your freedoms and the right to autonomy should never be taken for granted.

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Caroline Magennis is an Associate Professor of Contemporary Literature at the University of Salford. She teaches Irish and British writing and popular culture and supervises PhD projects, primarily on Irish Literature. Originally from Portadown, Co. Armagh, she received her BA, MA and PhD at Queen’s University Belfast. Her book, Northern Irish Writing After the Troubles, won the British Association for Contemporary Literary Studies book prize.

Praise for Harpy

‘Harpy is a measured, compassionate and truly compelling read. I’ve been waiting to read a book like this for such a long time. It’s not often I see my own experience so honestly and respectfully reflected. I was struck by the way Magennis takes such care to share stories which often go unheard or dismissed. This book will be the catalyst for so many conversations.”

Jan Carson, author of The Raptures and The Firestarters