PODCAST: Gavin McCrea in conversation with Helen Cullen

Episode 45 of the Irish Itinerary Podcast today from EFACIS has been released. You can find it on https://www.efacis.eu/podcast or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc.

In his conversation with Helen Cullen, Gavin McCrea discusses Irishness and how writing has been important in the process of going away from and coming to terms with Ireland.  McCrea also talks about creating a voice for women without a voice in his novels Mrs Engels (2015) and The Sisters Mao (2021); about how he starts writing from the materiality of his characters’ world, not only in historical fiction, but also in his memoir Cells (2022); about exploring the relationship with his mother in his earlier novels and in his memoir; and about ”looking outwards” as a writer from a small island. He also reads from his three books.