PUBLICATION: Review of Irish Studies in Europe 6.1

RISE 6.1 Irish Sexual Liberation and Its Literatures, Part 2. A Long Time Coming,

edited by Robert Brazeau and Laura Sydora

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RISE 6.1 is the second of a two-volume themed issue dedicated to the study of sexual liberation and its literatures in Ireland in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries that extends the line of scholarly and historical inquiry first begun in RISE 5.1. The essays collected there examined the social and cultural politics that attended the historical rise of the heteropatriarchal state and interrogated the durability of conservative notions of Irishness, especially in terms of the sexual politics of the nation. While mindful of the ways in which this important historical paradigm continues to assert itself in Irish culture and the politics of the nation state, the current volume also seeks to put analytical pressure on the idea of ‘liberation’ central to counter-hegemonic ideas of sexual morality and revolution, and how it can be applied to the work of contemporary writers and social thinkers in Ireland. Adumbrating the ways in which the heteronormative social order asserts itself (the gaze, temporality and sociospatial formations), these essays collectively interrogate the dialectical tension that conjoins conservative and insurgent practices and ideologies in the still unfolding landscape of Ireland’s changing codes around sexual morality and identity.

Introduction – Robert Brazeau, Laura Sydora

Under the Sign of the Clock: Queer Time, AIDS Time and Clery’s Clock – Ed Madden

Ó Dhaoirse go Saoirse?: Staidéar Téacsúil Aiteach ar dhrámaí Mhichíl Uí Chonghaile – Seán Mac Risteaird

‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall’: Female Subjective Dialectics in the Work of Paul Howard, Louise O’Neill and Naoise Dolan – Eugene O’Brien

Review Section
Review of Consuming Joyce: 100 Years of Ulysess in Ireland, by John McCourt
Mariana Bolfarine

Review of Women in the Irish Film Industry, by Susan Liddy (ed.)
Seán Crosson

Review of Irish Women Poets Rediscovered, by Maria Johnston and Conor Linnie (eds.)
Alba de Juan i López

Review of Staged Folklore: The National Folk Theatre of Ireland, by Susan H. Motherway and John O’Connell
Aileen Dillane

Review of Redress: Ireland’s Institutions and Transitional Justice, by Katherine O’Donnell, Maeve O’Rourke, and James M. Smith (eds)
Klára Hutková

Review of Broken Irelands: Literary Form in Post-Crash Irish Fiction, by Mary M. McGlynn
Nathalie Lamprecht

Review of Bone and Marrow / Cnámh agus Smior: An Anthology of Irish Poetry from Medieval to Modern, by Samuel K. Fisher and Brian Ó Conchubhair (eds)
Ken Ó Donnchú