EVENT: PhD Lunch Break

The next EFACIS PhD Lunch Break takes place on Thursday 4 May from 1 to 2 pm CET.

Any (post)graduate student in Irish Studies who wants to join the zoom session can send an e-mail to Marie Gemrichová at mgemrichova@gmail.com. You can also find the event on https://fb.me/e/y2chCdTV

EFACIS: The PhD Lunch Break is aimed specifically at PhD students, where PhDs have an opportunity to meet fellow graduate students, share your research, discover new opportunities in academia or simply discuss every-day or long-term concerns you may have as PhD students.

The event takes place online via Zoom every 4-6 weeks 1-2 pm CET (Central European Time). Please check the EFACIS Facebook Page, the EFACIS Newsletter and Twitter for updated information and dates of upcoming PhD lunch breaks. For registration and Zoom link, please contact Marie Gemrichová at mgemrichova@gmail.com.

They are inviting ideas for topics and issues to be addressed during these events.