BLOG: Irish Women’s Writing Network call for blogs

Are you researching Irish women writers in the period circa 1880~ to 1920 ~? The Irish Women’s Writing Network would be very interested in hearing from you. The Blog seeks to offer an overview of the latest developments through short contributions exploring any aspect relating to Irish women writers at the turn of the twentieth century. See below for details on referencing blogs.

Blog posts can include but are not limited to:

  • Specific authors, texts, or themes
  • Particular methodological and interdisciplinary approaches
  • Responses to other blog posts or recent articles / publications
  • Preparing curricula and teaching
  • Reviews of particular archives that you have engaged with. As information about women writers’ lives and works can be difficult to come by and many relevant documents might be uncatalogued or astray in various collections and papers, such information is vital in raising awareness for untapped sources.
  • Reviews of conferences, workshops or symposia dedicated to women’s writing during the period generally or Irish women writers in particular. This also applies to specific panels you may have contributed to. In our current climate of precarious employment particularly for early career researchers, it can be challenging to attend relevant international conferences. Reviews would be very useful in bringing those discussions and state-of-the-art developments to the attention of the research community.
  • If you wish to submit a Blog post or discuss your interest in the Network, please get in touch irishwomenswritingnetwork [at] gmail . com

When submitting your Blog post, please bear in mind the following:

Please keep your post to 500 – 2000 words.
Use endnotes for your references.
Include, if possible, an image, including caption and permission.
Only include images as a separate file (jpeg/png format preferred)
Add your Twitter handle, webpage and/or email address, if you wish, so that readers can contact you.
The Network aims to bring together international researchers from any career stage and we look forward to hearing from you. Whether you wish to alert us to a recent publication, promote an upcoming conference or event, or seek to circulate a CFP please do not hesitate to get in touch. If you wish to become a Network member, please let us know and send along a brief 100-word biography.


Make sure to reference blogs properly. For example, a reference for our Research Pioneer interview with Heidi Hansson using Harvard would look like the following:

In text:

(Hansson 2020)


Hansson, Heidi (2020), ‘Research Pioneers’, Interviewed by Anna Pilz and Whitney Standlee for Irish Women’s Writing (1880-1920) Network, (January, 2020). Available at: (Accessed: Date)

You can follow the Network on Twitter @IWWNetwork.