REVIEWERS WANTED: Irish Studies Review

The Irish Studies Review has a large number of #IrishStudies books (ebook and physical copies) for review

Email if you are interested in any of the following (New books added all the time):

Becoming an Irish Traditional Musician, Jessica Cawley, 2022 (Digital Copy Only)
Black Abolitionists in Ireland, Christine Kinealy, 2021 (Digital Copy Only)
Cathal Brugha: An Indomitable Spirit, Daithí Ó Corráin and Gerard Hanley, 2022
Deirdre Madden: New Critical Perspectives, Anne Fogarty and Marisol Morales-Ladron, 2022
Delivering the Future: Reflections of a Rotunda Master, Sam Coulter-Smith, 2021
Female Activists: Irish Women and Change, 1900-1960, Mary Cullen and Maria Luddy, 2021
Female Monasticism in Medieval Ireland: An Archeology, Tracy Collins, 2021
Forging Identities in the Irish World: Melbourne and Chicago, c.1830-1922, Sophie Cooper, 2022 (Digital Copy Only)
Irish Artisans and Radical Politics, 1776-1820: Apprenticeship to Revolution, Timothy Murtagh, 2022
Her Other Language: Northern Irish Women Writers Address Domestic Violence and Abuse, Ruth Carr and Natasha Cuddington, 2022
Irish Housing Design 1950-1980: Out of the Ordinary, ed. By Brian Ward, Michael Pike and Gary Boyd (Digital Copy Only)
Luke Wadding, the Irish Franciscans, and Global Catholicism, Matteo Binasco, 2022 (Digital Copy Only)
New Speakers of Irish in the Global Context: New Revival, Bernadette O’Rourke and John Walsk, 2021 (Digital Copy Only)
Northern Ireland, the United States and the Second World War, Simon Topping, 2022
Peace or Pacification? Northern Ireland After the Defeat of the IRA, Liam Ó Ruairc, 2022
Plantagenet Ireland, Robin Frame, 2021
Plays by Women in Ireland (1926-33), ed. by Lisa Fitzpatrick and Shonagh Hill, 2021
Reconciling Divided States: Peace Processes in Ireland and Korea, Dong Jin Kim and David Mitchell, 2022 (Digital Copy Only)
Redefining Irishness in a Coastal Maine City, 1770-1870: Bridget’s Belfast, Kay Retzlaff, 2021 (Digital Copy Only)
Roscommon: The Irish Revolution, John Burke, 2021
Sarah Cecilia Harrison: Artist, Social Campaigner and City Councillor, Margarita Cappock, 2022
The Politics of Conflict and Transformation: The Island of Ireland in Comparative Perspective, ed. by Gladys Ganiel and David Mitchell, 2021 (Digital Copy Only)
Thomas Butler, Earl of Ossory, 1634-80: A Privileged Witness, Daniel D. Jordan, 2022
Women and Work in Ireland, Margret Fine-Davis, 2022 (Digital Copy Only)
Irish Modernism and the Politics of Sexual Health, Lloyd (Meadhbh) Houston, 2023
Joycean Possibilities: A Margot Norris Legacy, eds. By Vicki Mahaffey, Joseph Valente and Kezia Whiting, 2023
Race, Politics and Irish America: A Gothic History, Mary M. Burke, 2023