PODCAST: Zoë Seaton in conversation with Eleanor Lybeck

Irish Itinerary Podcast episode 39 is now available online. In this episode artistic director of Big Telly Theatre Company Zoë Seaton talks to Eleanor Lybeck. 

Zoë Seaton discusses the history of Big Telly Theatre Company; their response to the pandemic; and their use of technology. She also talks about making work, with and relevant to the community, that is time and site specific, and because of that universal; about recording this type of immediate work; and about making immersive, interactive and surprising theatre based on the idea that ‘magic can happen anywhere’.

The Irish Itinerary Podcast is Hosted by leading Irish Studies scholars from across the expansive European network of EFACIS.

Check out the Podcast here: https://www.efacis.eu/podcast

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