PODCAST: The Irish Itinerary Podcast

NEW EPISODE: 38. Vivienne Roche in conversation with Charles Armstrong (15/12/2022)

In her conversation with Charles Armstrong, Vivienne Roche talks about being a sculptor first; the influence of her father and the language of engineering on her work; sculpture’s potential for abstraction and her interest in architecture; working with the hidden archeology of a site and the research this involves; the importance of space, materiality and social context in her sculptures; and her collaborations with Sebastian Barry and Derek Mahon, in particular the Lighthouse project.  Click here.

Vivienne Roche’s works can be viewed on http://www.vivienneroche.com/ 

The Irish Itinerary Podcast is the latest innovation to our longstanding Irish Itinerary circuit which organizes live events with Irish authors and artists in university cities and towns all over Europe. To meet the challenges of the Corona pandemic, we’ll go digital for now. The Irish Itinerary Podcast will allow Irish authors and artists active on the island of Ireland to present their work online. Hosted by leading Irish Studies scholars from across the expansive European network of EFACIS, the readings and performances of Irish authors and artists will be integrated into interviews. This approach will reaffirm and further our EFACIS commitment to marrying Irish culture and scholarship in the field of Irish Studies.

We believe that in times of Corona and other forms of retrenchment in Europe, the role of the arts and the role of scholarship in the humanities to excite, delight, enlighten and connect people as well as to scrutinize, broaden and challenge our experiences, is more vital than ever. In this spirit, the Irish Itinerary Podcast seeks to contribute to transnational dialogues, conversations and discussions.

We thank Gerry Smyth for allowing us to use his tune ‘Coming Through Sligo’ as jingle and want to express our sincere gratitude to Culture Ireland, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Irish College Leuven for their continued and generous support of EFACIS and all formats of the Irish Itinerary.