Workshop: Decarbonizing Research Methods Workshop – University of Galway

This half-day workshop event will bring together researchers and students in an interdisciplinary event that explores the carbon impact of our research methods and undertakings, and whether we can, as researchers and students, work towards decarbonizing our research methods.

As a central part of university operations and processes, research itself should also aim towards net-zero emissions. But how can this be done? During this workshop, researchers will have the opportunity to discuss the carbon management of their own research methodologies and advance ideas about how the research and studies undertaken in our institutes can be decarbonized. There will be options for streaming and online attendance for this event.

This workshop is co-hosted by the Moore Institute for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences, the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics, and the Irish Humanities Alliance.

In order to provide further opportunity for discussion and outreach, a fully online workshop on decarbonizing research will take place at 2pm, 25th of November 2022, on Zoom. This event will provide an online platform to those who cannot attend in person and will also allow dialogue across Irish universities and further afield, as well as developing the conversations started during the in-person event. You do not have to attend both events but would be very welcome to do so.

Further information:

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