New Book: Irish Drama and Wars in the Twentieth Century – Wei H. Kao

This book delves into how playwrights, whether canonical or less frequently discussed in the academic sphere, have critically and creatively engaged with the Anglo-Irish War, the Irish Civil War, the Easter Rising, the Northern Ireland Troubles and other conflicts. It not only approaches their plays―some of which have not been subject to much study―in relevant historical contexts, but also explores how Irish dramatists have observed humanity and resilience in war and given their insights into republican, unionist and denominational divides. It also reveals the dynamic mechanism connecting playwrights, performing venues, critics and audience members. As a whole, this book will be of interest to Irish studies scholars, theatre practitioners and historians, and people who would like to have a systematic understanding of twentieth-century Irish drama focusing on nation formation, war, revolution and humanity.

About the Author

Wei H. Kao is Professor of Irish Literature at National Taiwan University. He is the author of Contemporary Irish Theatre: Transnational Practices (2015) and The Formation of an Irish Literary Canon in the mid-twentieth Century (2007). His articles on Irish writers and culture have appeared in Journal of Beckett Studies, Irish Studies ReviewThe Theatre of Deirdre Kinahan (2022), The Theatre of Marie Jones (2015), and Irish Women at War (2010), among others.

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars, 2022 | ISBN: 1-5275-8864-5 | ISBN13: 978-1-5275-8864-6 | Release Date: 13th September 2022 | Pages: 314 | Price: £75.99

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