PUBLIC EROSS WEBINAR: Violence, Gender, Masculinities and Abuse: Research Reflections – Weds, 2nd February

Violence, Gender, Masculinities and Abuse: Research Reflections 

Aisling Callan, Dublin City University
Dr Melissa Corbally, Trinity College Dublin

Aisling Callan is a PhD candidate at Dublin City University. Her interest in LGBTQ issues motivates her to facilitate the unfolding of stories of intimate partner violence as told by gay and bisexual men.
She is currently the lead on a qualitative narrative study exploring how men experience abuse in same-sex relationships.
Her interests also include violence, gender, and sexual minority-based research with a particular focus on shedding light on marginalised populations that have gone unheard in academic and broader social discourses.

Dr Melissa Corbally’s teaching interests in nurse education include patient assessment, narrative competence, recognition of deteriorating patients and clinical judgement and decision-making.   She has taught on violence, abuse and health has her research interests include domestic violence/abuse, narrative methods and nursing assessment. Dr Corbally is senior lecturer in Trinity College Dublin.

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