New Book: Anne Enright: Feminine Aesthetics: Writing, Mothering, Spiraling by Caroline Eufrausino. Peter Lang Press

Anne Enright has publicly evidenced gender imbalance in publishing mentioning that men mostly praise books written by men. This book claims that Enright advocates for this cause by giving voice, in her literature, to those she considers the most repressed in the society she reports to. By telling stories of pregnancy, mothers, daughters and grandmothers, she empowers women, opens up possibilities for the future and gives expression to opinions long buried.

ANNE ENRIGHT Feminine Aesthetics: Writing, Mothering, Spiraling retraces Enright’s prose and it comes up with an original account of her aesthetics: Enright writes in a spiral, her works reveals a spiraling aesthetics in which the spiral is feminine and it lifts women’s reputation up.

In this aesthetical process, the author uses narrative strategies to guide the reader in a circular-upward progression towards social self-awareness. In reading Enright’s literary texts, the individual is led to perceive self-reflection by exploring the inner self and the body of her characters. Then, carried by the spiral, the narrative promotes an elevation of the reader towards self-awareness of his or her materiality immersed in a great realm of human relations. About the Author
Caroline Eufrausino holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Letters (Portuguese and English) from University of São Paulo (2009), a Master’s Degree in Twentieth Century Irish Writing and Cultural Theory from National University of Ireland Maynooth (2011) and a PhD Degree in Linguistic and Literary Studies from University of São Paulo (2017). In 2017, she received a grant from IASIL to present her research results at IASIL Conference in Singapore. Eufrausino teaches English at Federal Institute of São Paulo in Brazil, and currently she has a post-doctoral research project about “Literature and Censorship – Brazil/Ireland”. She is part of the directive board of the Brazilian Association of Irish Studies (ABEI) and also acts as researcher about Literatures written in English.

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