CfP for Aigne, the UCC postgrad journal. Theme: Liminality -Transitions and Marginalities

CfP: Liminality -Transitions and Marginalities

The term liminality encapsulates a state of transition wherein new ideas, identities, solidarities can come into being. As a concept it thus offers a crucial prism through which any in-between phase for a person, group, or even for a whole society can be better understood and has today gained increasing use within the humanities, social sciences and beyond.   

In the current day and age, liminal spaces permeate the essence of uncertainties and marginalities.  This space can be occupied by those in stasis, which represents detachment and departure from expectations borne of stability towards the marginal spaces of uncertainty, fluidity, and the suspended potentiality of the unknown. 

Thus, we call for papers based on the theme of liminal spaces, marginality, transitions and departures.  

The theme is open to interpretation and can be discussed in any area of research. We seek both positive and negative aspects of liminal spaces, and marginalities. Suggested papers could include, but are not restricted to, the following topics: 

  • Emerging fields within the Arts and Humanities 
  • Physical liminal spaces such as train stations, harbours, airports 
  • Points of departure, movement or change 
  • The marginalisation of people, concepts or cultural works 
  • The history and experiences of immigrants and emigrants 
  • Grass roots social movements such as Black Lives Matter and Repeal the Eighth 
  • Graveyards, burials and death rites 
  • Suspended realities 
  • Representations of childhood, adolescence or pregnancy 
  • The presence of the past in the present  
  • Imagined futures 
  • Folk celebrations of liminal spaces 
  • Occupants of liminal spaces 
  • Permanence versus uncertainty 

To be considered for publication, submit the following by  June 15th, 2021:  

250-500 word abstract of your proposed chapter;  

Contact information – name, email address, and any institutional affiliation; 

 Resume/CV for each author/co-author (in any format);  E

mail to: Please title your email “Abstract: Surname, Forename”