CfP, edited collection, The Graveyard in Irish Literature for Cambridge Scholars Press

Call for Papers: Edited Collection of Essays

The Graveyard in Literature: Liminality and Social Critique will be published by Cambridge Scholars in late 2021. We are currently seeking a few final essays to complete the collection. 

The theme for the Collection:

This volume focuses on literary and other cultural texts that use the graveyard as a liminal space within which received narratives and social values can be challenged, and new and empowering perspectives on the present articulated. They do so primarily by immersing the reader in a liminal space, between life and death, where traditional certainties such as time and space are suspended and new models of human interaction can thus be formulated. Essays in this volume will examine the use of liminality as a vehicle for social critique, paying particular attention to the ways in which liminal spaces facilitate the construction of alternative perspectives.

A Chapter should normally be no longer than 6000 words, and should be original and previously unpublished. If the work has already been published (as a journal article, or in conference proceedings, for example), the Publisher will require evidence that permission to be re-published has been granted.

If you are interested in submitting, please contact the editor with a brief proposal. Deadline for submission is 17th February 2021.

Editor: Dr Aoileann N√≠ √Čigeartaigh