Call for contributions to, and local representatives for, the IASIL Bibliography for 2019

The IASIL Bibliography, listing work on Irish literature and culture by IASIL members, appears annually in the online edition of the Irish University Review. The editor of the Bibliography is Dr Chris Cusack (Radboud University). 

The 2019 Bibliography is now being compiled, and members are invited to submit bibliographic information of work published in 2019 to their local IASIL Bibliography Committee representative. You can find contact details of your local representative on the website at the IASIL Bibliography Committee page, and full guidelines on how to submit your publication information at Bibliography Guidelines . Please note that these have been updated from last year. Among other changes, the Bibliography now includes a section for general publications on Irish diaspora writing.

Members should send contributions to their local representatives by Friday 24 April 2020. For queries, please contact Chris Cusack at .

As you can see in the overview, a few positions are currently vacant and some countries are not represented. If you’d like to join the committee as a member for any of these territories, please contact the editor