Launch of new online journal C.20

We are delighted to announce the publication of issue no.1 of C.20 – an international journal. — a free, online journal published by the Durrell Library of Corfu.

C.20 can be accessed at:

The inaugural issue contains essays, poetry, fiction, arts news and a “Durrell Studies” section (of four essays in the current issue) which will establish C.20 as the premier journal for Durrell Studies.

We welcome contributions on these topics from any part of the world and from all opinions and persuasions.

We are particularly pleased that the inaugural issue contains the important essay “Two Men Waiting: a Key Trope in Irish Drama” by Anthony Roche.

In addition to “Durrell Studies” we will particularly welcome contributions on aspects of Greek culture and society, Irish literature and new work in fiction and poetry.

Initial contact should be to: