Islands of the Mind Festival, Corfu: 23-28 June 2019

We are now taking final bookings for the ISLANDS OF THE MIND literary and scientific festival, in Corfu, Greece, 23-28 June.

Full details of the festival, including keynote speakers and festival programme available here:


To secure one of the remaining places at the festival, please send an email to:


The Durrell School/Library has always attracted the enquiring and adventurous mind, welcoming its guests into a community of intellectual excitement. We are confident that this festival will provide stimulus for all participants across a range of literary and scientific issues.


The festival will examine aspects of Island Studies, focussing on:

§  indigenous island writing compared with writing by the “visitor”

§  the literature and psychology of “islomania” – the “affliction of spirit” for those “who find islands irresistible”

§  the study of islands as a microcosm of biodiversity

§  the “tourist gaze” and tourism as a dimension of island development

This will be the most significant gathering for many years of experts on the lives and works of Lawrence Durrell, Gerald Durrell and Theodore Stephanides and on the writers of Corfu.

In addition to these authors, we will also discuss the work of Corfiot writers Konstantin Theotokis (1872-1923) and Spyros Plaskovitis (1917-2000).