New Publication: Imagining Irish Suburbia

Eoghan Smith and Simon Workman, eds, Imagining Irish Suburbia in Literature and Culture (Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan, 2018). 


This collection of critical essays explores the literary and visual cultures of modern Irish suburbia, and the historical, social and aesthetic contexts in which these cultures have emerged. The lived experience and the artistic representation of Irish suburbia have received relatively little scholarly consideration and this multidisciplinary volume redresses this critical deficit. It significantly advances the nascent socio-historical field of Irish suburban studies, while simultaneously disclosing and establishing a history of suburban Irish literary and visual culture. The essays also challenge conventional conceptions of what constitutes the proper domain of Irish writing and art and reveal that, though Irish suburban experience is often conceived of pejoratively by writers and artists, there are also many who register and valorise the imaginative possibilities of Irish suburbia and the meanings of its social and cultural life. 


Contributors to Imagining Irish Suburbia in Literature and Culture are: Ruth McManus, Mary P. Corcoran, Michael Cronin, Eoghan Smith and Simon Workman, Liam Lanigan, Theresa Wray, Catherine Kilcoyne, Eamonn Jordan, Ruth Barton, Tracy Fahey, John O’Flynn, Justin Carville, Mark Curran, Anthony Haughey, with a foreword by Joe Cleary.


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