Edward Everett Root Irish Studies Catalogue

A message from Pilar Villar Argaiz, Series Editor, Studies in Irish Literature, Cinema and Culture, EER Publishers.


Publishing proposal form – Irish Studies Series

Dear IASIL members,

It is with great pleasure that we distribute the Irish Studies 
catalogue of the new titles published by Edward Everett Root, Publishers 
(with a 20% discount). As you can see, the new series of monographs in 
Irish Literary/Cultural Studies will be launched in the autumn/winter of 
2019 with the publication of 4 new titles: Irish Women Writers at the 
Turn of the Century: Alternative Histories, New Narratives (ed. Kathryn 
Laing and Sinéad Mooney); Revolutionary Ireland, 1916-2016: Historical 
facts and Social Transformations Re-assessed (ed. Constanza del Río); 
Women, Art and Nationalism in the Irish Revival, Presence and Absence 
(by Adela Flamarike); and Bohemian Belfast and Dublin: Two Artistic and 
Literary Worlds in the Work of Gerard Keenan (by James Gallacher).

Parallel to this, we have just signed for two new Series on Irish Women 
Writers in association with the Irish Women’s Writing Network (with 
General Editors: Kathryn Laing and Sinéad Mooney). These two new series, 
Key Irish Women Writers and Irish Women Writers: Texts and Contexts will 
be publishing monographs on key authors and unpublished or out of print 
texts by Irish women writers respectively. The advisory board for this 
is Margaret Kelleher, Heidi Hansson, Gerardine Meaney and James H. 

Please find the description of the three series on Irish Studies in the 
attached flyer. We also send by attachment the publishing proposal form 
for the general series on Irish Studies. Please, do not hesitate to get 
in touch with us in order to discuss your work and ideas.