IASIL PhD Forum: Call for Applications

IASIL PhD Forum 2019

Trinity College Dublin

Monday 22 July, 9:00-14:00


Tutors will include Lucy Collins (UCD), Eugene McNulty (DCU), Michał Lachman (University of Łódź), and Ondřej Pilný (Forum convenor, Charles University, Prague).


Call for Applications

Applications are invited for the annual IASIL PhD Forum, at which postgraduate students have the opportunity to present their work-in-progress and receive feedback from established scholars. The Forum will take place prior to the opening of the conference of the association at TCD. Applicants must be postgraduate students working on a topic within Irish literary studies and paid-up members of IASIL. Applications should take the form of a 3000-word document outlining the student’s dissertation project and his/her current state of research, and should be accompanied by a brief CV (500 words) and confirmation of their IASIL membership from the IASIL Treasurer.


Eligible participants will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis. The Forum can accommodate 10 students, who will be divided into two groups based on the area of their work. At the Forum, students will be asked to make a 5-minute presentation introducing their work to the group (the use of presentation software is encouraged); this will be followed by a detailed response to the students’ submission from two tutors, and a general discussion. Lunch will be provided for the participants.

Participation at the Forum does not preclude the possibility of presenting a paper at the conference.

Other graduate students are welcome to sit in at the Forum and join the discussion.


Applications or queries titled ‘PhD Forum’ are to be sent to iasil19@tcd.ie by 31 May 2019. Acceptance will be confirmed by 7 June 2019.