Irish Time? Temporalities in Irish Literature and Culture: Extended CFP Deadline

Irish Time? Temporalities in Irish Literature and Culture


Symposium at The Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin


October 12-13, 2017


Convenors: Martin Middeke (University of Augsburg) and Christopher Morash (Trinity College Dublin)


Call for Papers:

Papers are invited from a range of fields that consider the question of time in an Irish context. Papers are invited from any discipline, including the performing arts and history of science. Cross-disciplinary dialogue is encouraged.

For the complete project outline, please visit:



Topics include but are not limited to:


  • Time and Modernization
  • Dimensions of Time and Time Consciousness (temporality, social, and subjective time)
  • Homogoneity and Heterogeneity of Time
  • Linear and Non-Linear Time
  • Time and Media
  • Time and Myth
  • Time and History
  • Time and Phenomenology
  • Time and Narration
  • Time and the Arts (Literature, Music, Visual Arts)
  • Time and Speed ( Cultural and Aesthetic Modes of Acceleration, Deceleration and/or Duration)
  • Memory and Forgetting
  • Time and Contingency
  • Time and Space Interaction
  • Chronology and Simultaneity
  • Identity and Difference
  • Concepts of Past, Present and Future



Abstracts (300 words) for papers proposed (25 minutes maximum delivery time) should be accompanied by a short biographical note (100 words), plus full address and institutional affiliation. Please send abstracts to:


by June 30, 2017.