CFP: Eire-Ireland Special Issue: “Nótaí/Notes: Music and Ireland”

            “Nótaí/Notes: Music and Ireland”

                        Éire/Ireland: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Irish Studies Special


Proposers:      Dr Méabh Ní Fhuartháin (NUI Galway)

                        Dr Verena Commins (NUI Galway)



“It has been often remarked, and still oftener felt, that in our music is found the truest of all comments upon our history.”

(Moore, 1842, 30)


Thomas Moore’s comments above are no less relevant (or problematic) almost two centuries later and “Nótaí/Notes: Music and Ireland”, a special issue of Éire-Ireland will capitalize on the energy of music-related scholarship happening globally in a themed journal edition.  Éire-Ireland has been a leader in the process of expanding the literary-historical axis on which Irish Studies initially developed, and this issue acknowledges a significant and growing area of research.


For this special issue “Nótaí/Notes: Music and Ireland”, the editors propose a number of specific themes, reflecting current trends and encouraging new areas of research in Irish Studies and cognate disciplines, across genres and chronologies.  Among the themes most welcome are papers in the area of music and performance; historiography and music; music and identity; music and gender; film music; ideology and music; and music and literature.  Papers that open up new archive sources are particularly welcome, and given the period in which we find ourselves, specific papers in the area of music and commemoration are encouraged.


The deadline for the receipt of proposals (two pages) is 1 June 2017 and completed articles (6000-10,000 words) will be due by 15 June 2018. Proposals and articles should be submitted in Word format and may be sent to Dr Verena Commins ( and Dr Méabh Ní Fhuartháin (  All submissions will be subject to peer review. Literature and Arts submissions should be prepared according to the MLA Style Manual; History and Social Sciences submissions should adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style. A copy of the journal style guide may be accessed on the website of the Irish American Cultural Institute: cations.html.