Werner Huber Scholarship – A Reminder

Werner Huber Scholarship 

Only €270 collected to date


Dear IASIL members,

may I please remind you of the recent call for donations towards the Werner Huber Scholarship, intended to cover the expenses of a postgraduate student/students required to present a paper at the IASIL 2017 conference. The support of postgraduate students in Irish literatures is one of the most important parts of our mission. I regret to say, however, that the response to our call has been minimal so far: we have collected only EUR 270 to date.


Please consider making a contribution; even a donation of as little as EUR 20 will make a difference.


Please use the “Donate” button on PayPal on the IASIL Scholarship and Support Fund page in order to send your contribution, and subsequently email the Treasurer, Tina O’Toole, to specify that fund in particular: tina.otoole@ul.ie .


The winner(s) of the Scholarship will be selected by the Scholarship Committee and announced at the conference.


Thank you for your generosity.


Ondřej Pilný

IASIL Chairperson