New Series of Famine Folios from Cork University Press

The latest set of Famine Folios are now available. The  “Famine Folio” collection won first place in the 2016 Museum Publications Design Competition for books. The competition was held by the American Alliance of Museums, the leading museum organization in the country.

Voices Underfoot: Memory, Forgetting, and Oral Verbal Art by Angela Bourke

While many Irish-Americans identify the Great Famine of the mid-nineteenth century as the pivotal event in their ethnic history, most people in Ireland knew little about it as its 150th-anniversary approached.  The Great Famine continued from 1845 at least until 1852, with lesser, locally devastating, famines occurring at intervals: most notable was the so-called ‘Little Famine’ of  the late 1870s, which led to the formation of the Land League, and then to the Land War of the 1880s.

November 2016 | 9780997837407 | €11.95 | paperback | 297 x 228mm |  44 pages

Death by Discourse? Political Economy and the Great Irish Famine by Tadhg Foley

The most virulent and rancorous debate during the Great Irish Famine concerned the role of the state in economic affairs, with the ‘science’ of political economy, the authoritative official discourse, decreeing a policy of laissez-faire. Long regarded as either ignorant or neglectful of its principles, the Irish, from the 1830s, were the focus of systematic economic evangelism.

November 2016 | 9780997837414 | €11.95   | paperback | 297 x 228mm |  48 pages

Grim Bastilles of Despair: The Poor Law Union Workhouses in Ireland by Paschal Mahoney

Grim Bastilles of Despair is a short study on the Poor Law Union workhouses in Ireland. The folio explores how, despite strong Irish resistance, the British authorities established the Act for the Effectual Relief of the Destitute Poor in Ireland, which was to become one of the most despised Acts ever to come into effect in Ireland.

November 2016 | 9780997837421 | €11.95  | paperback | 297 x 228mm |  52 pages

Across the Western Ocean: Songs of Leaving and Arriving  by Mick Moloney

For centuries Irish people on both sides of the Atlantic have expressed some of their deepest cultural concerns and memories through song. Passed on orally and in print, they afforded a portal through which everyday experience was filtered and understood.

November 2016 | 9780997837438  | €17.95   | paperback | 297 x 228mm |  56 pages

Includes CD

Leaves of Hungry Grass: Poetry and Ireland’s Great Hunger by Vincent Woods

Taking poetry as an act of witness and restorative memory, this essay traces the development of poems relating to Ireland’s Great Hunger from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day. An international landscape of connected experience emerges through the work of Eavan Boland, Alan Shapiro, Patrick Kavanagh, Seamus Heaney, Paul Celan and many poets in Ireland, the U.S., Germany and Australia.

November 2016 | 9780997837445  | €11.95    | paperback | 297 x 228mm |  52 pages

Published by Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum and distributed by Cork University Press