The Letters of Samuel Beckett, Volume 4. 1966-1989




The Letters of Samuel Beckett, Volume 4. 1966-1989

Edited by

George Craig, University of Sussex

Martha Dow Fehsenfeld, Emory University, Atlanta

Dan Gunn, The American University of Paris

Lois More Overbeck, Emory University, Atlanta

ISBN: 9780521867962

Hardback: £29.99 / $49.99
The fourth and final volume of the Cambridge edition of The Letters of Samuel Beckett, covers the final twenty-four years of what was, as Beckett saw it, a surprisingly long life. During these years he produced many of his finest and most concentrated works for theatre, plays that included Not I, Ohio Impromptu, and Catastrophe; for television he wrote Eh Joe and Ghost Trio ; while in prose, he produced the late ‘trilogy’ that comprises Company, Ill Seen Ill Said, andWorstward Ho. In 1969, Beckett was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, and the letters from this period show him struggling to cope with the pressures created by his ever-growing international fame. The letters reveal how, later, he turned his mind to his legacy, as seen through his interactions with biographers and archivists. This volume also provides chronologies, explanatory notes, translations, and profiles of Beckett’s chief correspondents.