Call for Contributions: Science, Technology, and 20th-century Irish Literature (edited volume)

Science, Technology, and 20th-century Irish Literature (edited volume)

The editors are seeking contributors for a volume focused on science, technology, and Irish literature of the revival and modernist period.            

Since W. B. Yeats infamously wrote in 1890 that “the man of science is too often a person who has exchanged his soul for a formula,” the anti-scientific and Luddite bent of the Irish literary and cultural revival has often been taken as a given.  Recent scholarship, however, has questioned this perspective and has begun to tease out a more complicated vision of Irish writers’ relationship to scientific and technological development. This collection seeks to provide a more nuanced view of Irish writers’ engagement with science and technology as well as the relationship between Irish revival writers and Irish modernism. It aims to capture not only the varied ways that Irish writers were plugged into the scientific and technological impulses and networks of the age but also the myriad outcomes of their representations– the ways that they shaped modern Irish attitudes, aesthetics, ideologies, and more. We welcome submissions on canonical and non-canonical authors, as well as those that interpret the category of “literature” in new ways. We also welcome submissions from both emerging and established scholars.

The editors seek 250-500 word proposals for original contributions and a 100-word biography (included selected publications) by August 15, 2016; please copy all editors.


Kathryn Conrad

Cóilín Parsons

Julie McCormick Weng