1916 in Irish Theatre/ 1916 as Irish Theatre

Moore Institute, NUI Galway  

Friday 20 May 2016

9.30: Welcome and introduction  

 Panel 1: Internatoinalising the Rising

  • Patrick Lonergan, “Easter 1916 and Internationalising Irish Theatre’
  • Charlotte McIvor, “Reherasing Revolution as a prelude to 1916: Yeats, Tagore and Perase and the Staging of Tranational Nationalist Masculinities”
  • David Clare: “Anthropological Gays: Casement, Pearse, and 1916”

 11.00: Keynote Lecture 1 Paige Reynolds (Holy Cross), “The “Rising” of the American Avant-Garde: The Gate, 1916, and Experimental Theater in Boston”

12.00: Coffee

12.15: Panel 2 The Rising on the Irish Stage

  • Ryan K Evans, “An Evolution of the Production History of The Plough and the Stars
  • Christopher McCormack, “”Scenographies of Augusta Gregory’s Plays, Before and After 1916″.

13.15 – Break for Lunch

14.00: Panel 3:

Pearse and Irish Theatre

  • Eugene McNulty, “‘Exceptional Bodies: Pearse’s drama and the search for the Law beyond the law’
  • Marianne Kennedy, “Pearse as guerrilla, site-specific performance artist. A master of reception.”
  • Barry Houllhan, “Decisions at Easter: Perase Takes the Stage”

15.15 – Break

15.45: Panel 4: Commemorations

  • Ian Walsh, “The Performance of 1916 at the Abbey Theatre in 1966: Walter Macken’s Recall the Years
  • Maeve Casserly, “‘Commemoration as Staged Memory: A comparative analysis of commemoration in Ireland marking the 1991, 2006 and 2016 anniversaries of the Easter Rising and the Battle of the Somme”
  • Akiko Satake, “”The Easter Rising from a Wider Perspective: Cries of Casment as his Bones are Brought to Dublin and The Non-Stop Connolly Show Part 6″

17.00: Keynote Lecture (2) James Moran (Nottingham):”Child’s Play: Looking again at 1916 Onstage”

18:00: Conference Conclusion



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