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Aristotelian Interpretations considers themes of perennial interest, offering new avenues of interpretation, illustrating how Aristotle’s thought may be creatively applied to a variety of timeless and contemporary questions. Apart from the final chapter – a comprehensive survey of the extensive and penetrating influence of Aristotle on James Joyce – they are concerned with central topics in metaphysics, aesthetics, political anthropology, ethics, and theory of knowledge.

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Fran O’Rourke retired in 2016 as professor of Philosophy from University College Dublin, where he taught for thirty six years. A graduate of University College Galway, he studied at the universities of Vienna, Köln, Louvain, and Leuven, where he received his PhD summa cum laude in 1986. He has held Fulbright and Onassis fellowships, and in 2003 was Visiting Research Professor at Marquette University.

His book Pseudo-Dionysius and the Metaphysics of Aquinas (2005) was described by Alasdair MacIntyre as ‘one of the two or three most important books on Aquinas published in the last fifty years’. His study of James Joyce and Aristotle, Allwisest Stagyrite: Joyce’s Quotations from Aristotle, was published by the National Library of Ireland in 2005.