Announcing new graphic novel “The Bad Times: An Drochshaol”

Announcing a new graphic novel about the Great Hunger from Quinnipiac University Press and Ireland’s Great Hunger Institute:

The Bad Times: An Drochshaol By Christine Kinealy and John Walsh


The Bad Times is set during the Great Hunger, a disaster precipitated by the failure of the potato crop, but exacerbated by the inadequate policies of the British government and the cruelty and opportunism of some landowners and merchants.  It takes place between 1846 and 1849.  The Bad Times is based on the experiences of three young adults, Dan, Brigit and Liam, who are close friends, and their loyal dog, Cú.   When the story commences, in late summer 1846, the potato crop is about to fail for a second time.

The location is Kilkee, County Clare in the west of Ireland, and Irish which suffered acutely during the Great Hunger. Irish would have been widely spoken, so Irish phrases have been included to reflect this. A Glossary has been provided at the back of the book.

Publisher: Quinnipiac University Press and XanEdu Publishing Inc; 1st edition (Dec. 30, 2015)

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