Digital Scholarship Seminar @ NUI Galway

The schedule for this semester’s series of Digital Scholarship Seminar at NUI Galway is complete (details below and attached), and events kick off next Wednesday with a talk on network analysis of early-modern correspondence from Evan Bourke (NUI Galway). The series will also feature talks from visiting speakers Prof. Gerardine Meaney (University College Dublin) and Dr Hugh Houghton (University of Birmingham).

Seminars are open to all and conclude with discussion over lunch. Hope to see you at some of our events this semester!


Wednesday 4 November, 12–2pm, Hardiman Building 1001 (1st floor)

Evan Bourke (NUI Galway)

Female Involvement, Membership, and Centrality: A Social Network Analysis of the Hartlib Circle


Tuesday 10 November, 12–2pm, Hardiman Building 1001 (1st floor)

Gerardine Meaney (University College Dublin)

A Comparative Social Network Analysis of Irish and English Fiction, 1800–1922


Thursday 3 December, 12–2pm, Hardiman Building 1001 (1st floor)

Hugh Houghton (University of Birmingham)

Editing the Greek and Latin New Testament in the Digital Age