ESSE Galway 2016, Contemporary Irish Literature Panel CFP

22-­‐‑26 August 2016

 Contemporary Irish female writing at the intersection of history and memory


Anne Fogarty (University College Dublin)

Marisol Morales-­‐‑Ladrón (University of Alcalá)


For long, history has been taught as a continuous narration of events that evaded gaps and inconsistences for the sake of offering a linear sense of the past. However, memory, both as an individual psychological construct and as a collective recollection, has challenged the process involved not only in what we remember, but in how and why we actually recall the past in a given way. From such premise, the purpose of this seminar is to look at how in the last decade Irish writers have engaged in the exploration of a type of historical fiction that attempts to place women back in a history from which they were often written out. Female authors, such as Emma Donoghue, Mary Morrissey, Evelyn Conlon, Anne Enright, Anne Haverty or Lia Mills, among others, would be cases in point. We therefore welcome papers that will tackle issues connected with such historical narratives published in the last decades of the twentieth-­‐‑first century.

Proposals for this panel (of around 300 words), as well as a brief bionote (of around 200 words), should be sent to the two convenors ( and before February 28, 2016 . Confirmation of acceptance will be notified by March 31, 2016.