Proposals for Future IASIL Conferences

Dear Colleagues,

As all should know, we look forward to an outstanding conference in Cork in 2016. Now we solicit proposals for 2017 (and beyond). Now is your chance to put your university, town, and country on display and into the ongoing history of IASIL. In order to propose, please send one-page that provides the following glimpse into how you might organize such a conference:

  • Why you think your location would appeal to scholars from around the world
  • When might be an opportune set of dates (traditionally in last couple weeks of July or first of August) for the year proposed
  • Who would constitute the organizing committee
  • What kind of infrastructure would support your ability to host (facilities, financial support, etc.)

Please send your proposal by September 30 to IASIL secretary, Dawn Duncan, via email:

Thanks to the sub-committee of the Executive who will consider the proposals: Margaret Kelleher-President, Tina O’Toole-Treasurer, Dawn Duncan-Secretary, Ondrej Pilny-Vice Chair for Europe, and Cliona Ó Gallchoir-Representative for Ireland.