Flann O’Brien: Contesting Legacies

Edited by Ruben Borg, Paul Fagan, and Werner Huber

Cork: Cork University Press, 2014

ISBN 978-1-78205-076-6, €39.00, Hbk, 216 x 134mm, 296pp.


CONTENTS: Coming off the rails: the strange case of ‘John Duffy’s Brother’ (KEITH HOPPER) ‒ Irelands enough and

time: Brian O’Nolan’s science fiction (JACK FENNELL) ‒ (Probably post-humous): the frame device in Brian O’Nolan’s short fiction (MARION QUIRICI) ‒ ‘I’ve got you under my skin’: ‘John Duffy’s Brother’, ‘Two in One’, & the confessions of Narcissus (PAUL FAGAN) ‒ Tall tales or ‘petites histoires’: history & the void in ‘The Martyr’s Crown’ and Thirst (THIERRY ROBIN) ‒ In search of Mr Love,

or: the internationalist credentials of ‘Myles before Myles’ (UTE ANNA MITTERMAIER) ‒ Myles na gCopaleen: a portrait of the artist as a Joyce schol¬ar (JOHN MCCOURT) ‒ ‘A true story’: The Third Policeman and the writing of terror (TOM WALKER) ‒ Myles na gCopaleen, Flann O’Brien, and An Béal Bocht: intertextuality and aesthet¬ic play (NEIL MURPHY) ‒ ‘Did you put charcoal adroitly in the

vent?’: Brian O’Nolan and pata¬physics (ONDŘEJ PILNÝ) ‒ ‘Banjaxed and bewildered’: Cruiskeen Lawn and the role of science in independent Ireland (ALANA GILLESPIE) ‒ The trial of Jams O’Donnell: An Béal Bocht and the force of law (MAEBH LONG) ‒ Brian O’Nolan: misogynist or ‘ould Mary Anne’? (THOMAS JACKSON RICE) ‒ The murders of Flann

O’Brien: death and creation in At Swim-Two-Birds, The Third Policeman, An Béal Bocht, and ‘Two in One’ (JENNIKA BAINES).