CFP: Autobiography in Context

an international interdisciplinary conference

University of Rijeka, Croatia

21-22 November 2014

Autobiography and life writing have been receiving increasing scholarly attention due to the recent booming production of various forms of personal narratives, and the ongoing changes in the art of self-representation. The boom in personal narratives reflects changes in the articulation of self-identity, the role of memory (individual, cultural and collective), the influence of the media and new technologies. These changes challenge us to re-examine some constitutive features of the genre and to redefine the boundaries of the genre of autobiography, as well as to re-contextualize it in relation to various cultural and discursive practices underlying self-narratives.

We invite papers dealing with autobiography in context, across cultures, social groups and across different historical periods. Scholars engaged in Irish studies are particularly encouraged to submit their proposlas. The topics may include but are not limited to the following:

  •  Autobiography and the boundaries of the genre;
  • Autobiography and the canon;
  • Autobiography and life writing, testimonials, confession, diaries, journals, letters, memoirs, fictitious autobiographies, autobiographical essays;
  • Advancements and limits of autobiography; the role of the author, authority, authorship;
  • Self-representational writing, self invention, fiction and truth, ethics, the art of lying;
  • Autobiography and memory: autobiographical memory, collective memory and cultural memory;
  • Autobiography and identity formation (gendered, hybrid, transnational, etc.); Personal narratives and Cosmopolitanism;
  • Autobiography, body, self-identity and society;
  • Autobiography and gender; Women’s literature;
  • Autobiography and history-making;
  • Autobiography, trauma, cultural memory;
  • Autobiography across cultures: Irish, Australian, Scottish, etc. (other national cultures);
  • Autobiography and diasporic memories; ethnic literature (Irish, Ethnic-American, etc.); postcolonial autobiography; Indigenous autobiography;
  • Autobiography and blog, online writing of the Self;
  • Autobiography in Theatre, Dance and Film;
  • Autobiography and Popular Culture;
  • Cultural studies approach to autobiography

 Confirmed keynote speakers:

Dr Charles Ivan Armstrong

University of Agder, Norway,

Dr Nóra Séllei

University of Debrecen, Hungary (HUSSE president),

Dr Stipe Grgas

University of Zagreb, Croatia,

 Another international keynote speaker TBA

 Conference Scientific and Organizing Committee:

Irena Grubica, University of Rijeka, Croatia, president

Dr Aoife Leahy, N.A.E.S Ireland, vice-president

Dr Britta Olinder, Gothenburg University, Sweden

Dr Moy McCrory, Derby University, U.K.

Dr Eleonora Rao, University of Salerno, Italy
Dr Jesús A. Gonzalez, Universidad de Cantabria, Spain

Dr Angeliki Spiropoulou, University of the Peloponnese, Greece

Dr Martina Domines Veliki, University of Zagreb, Croatia (HDAS president)

Dr Aleksandra Golubović, Department of Philosophy, University of Rijeka, Croatia

Conference organizer: Irena Grubica, University of Rijeka

Papers will be 15-20 minutes in length, followed by a 10-minute discussion. Please, state your name, affiliation and contact details in the body of the message.

A selection of papers from the conference, including also papers of other contributors on the topic, will be published either as an e-book and/or as a printed edition. The final deadline for the paper submission is 30 August 2015. The preference will be given to the selected papers presented at the conference.

During the conference a round table “The Future of English and Irish Studies: Challenges and Perspectives” will be organized. The invited speakers include presidents of various ESSE (European Society for the Study of English) National organizations i.e. Ireland, Croatia, Hungary, etc.

 Proposals of 400 words and a short biographical note should be submitted by 24 October 2014 to: <>