The launch of Breac’s Issue 2 on Contemporary Irish Drama

Many many congratulations to Lindsay J. Haney and Shaun Richards who are the editors of this focused, robust, and provocative issue. They have been terrific colleagues, both generous and patient, and a sincere pleasure to work with. We have no doubt you will agree that they have given us a wonderful contribution to the field of Irish Studies and Contemporary Drama, and we want to thank them personally for their great work, which we are proud to feature today.

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The issue includes work by Susan Cannon HarrisJenna LourencoNiamh MaloneAnna McMullan and Trish McTigheEmile PineElisa Serra PorteiroColm Tóibín in conversation with Paige Reynolds, and Brian Singleton.

In addition to these articles, there is also a video essay, “Am I Rambling?” which follows Veronica Dyas and Sorcha Kenny through site-responsive locations to engage practitioners throughout Dublin. Also included is a short film on experimental Irish-language theater company Fíbín’s award-winning production of Paul Mercier’s Sétanta with an introduction by Brian Ó Conchubhair.

The issue is striking and startling and of great interest to both academics and general readers. We urge you to join the conversation by responding to the articles, videos, and interview with questions and comments.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of Breac,

John and Nathaniel