Breac Reviews — Launched!

Today we bring you exciting news about the launch of our new initiative, Breac Reviews. This page aims to survey a wide array of texts, events, exhibits, digital projects, and more, offering insightful evaluations of cutting-edge work in the field of Irish Studies. New reviews will be published on a rolling, bi-monthly basis. Check out our facebook page for updates on the latest published reviews and more.

Today, the Reviews page goes live, inaugurated with our first three reviews. Featured is Cathal Goan’s “Singing Big,” in which he shares his thoughts on Micheál Ó Conghaile, Lochlainn Ó Tuairisg, and Peadar Ó Ceannabháin’s Leabhar Mór na nAmhrán (The Big Book of Songs).  Taura Napier’s introduction to Denise Ayo’s digital project,, not only surveys the website but also offers an exciting study of Colum’s challenging yet fascinating career as a literary critic. Finally, Graham Price gives us an in-depth look at deconstructionist critic, J. Hillis Miller through Eamonn Dunne’s Reading Theory Now: An ABC of Good Reading with J. Hillis Miller.

As you read these reviews, we encourage you to leave comments or questions at the bottom of the page. We hope that these reviews will function as conversation starters, generating further discussions around these texts as well as the general scholarly fields in which they engage.

If you’re interested in becoming a reviewer for Breac Reviews, please fill out this online form