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 Aspects of Irish Aristocratic Life: Essays on the FitzGerald’s and Carton House

edited by Terence Dooley, Patrick Cosgrove and Karol Mullaney-Dignam

For almost 800 years, from their arrival with the first wave of Anglo-Normans in 1169, the FitzGeralds – earls of Kildare and, from 1766, dukes of Leinster – were the pre-eminent noble family living in Ireland, dominating the social, political, economic and cultural landscapes. This collection of essays, by established and emerging scholars, draws together some of the most recent and specialised research on the family, providing original perspectives on various aspects of their aristocratic history.

Individual contributions inform on how the family first settled in Kildare and rose to ascendancy and how they maintained political status through court connections in England and beyond. Thematically, the essays cover such topics as the architecture and material culture of the Big House, the creation of the great eighteenth-century aristocratic demesne and landscape at Carton, the final break-up of the family’s estates and its subsequent economic decline in the twentieth century. They examine the contributions made by individual members of the family to the social and cultural spheres in Ireland and further afield; their interest in local as well as international concerns; their enthusiasm for the arts, music and dancing; the relationship between employers and servants, dukes and the Catholic Church, younger sons and radicalism, the latter exemplified in the life of one of the more famous members of the family, Lord Edward FitzGerald, a leader of the Society of United Irishmen and the 1798 Rebellion.

Released March 2014

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 John Berryman’s Public Vision: Relocating the Scene of Disorder

by Philip Coleman

Drawing on published and previously unpublished manuscript sources in poetry and prose, John Berryman’s Public Vision offers an original reappraisal of an important twentieth-century American poet’s work. Challenging the confessional labelling of him that has dominated his critical reception and popular perception for decades, the book argues that Berryman (1914–72) had a far greater concern for developments in the public sphere than have previously been acknowledged. It reassesses the poet’s engagements with W. B. Yeats and Robert Bhain Campbell in the 1940s and offers radical re-contexualisations of Berryman’s work from every stage of his career. Concluding with an account of Berryman’s influence on contemporary writing on both sides of the Atlantic, John Berryman’s Public Vision provides a detailed and comprehensive reconsideration of the poet’s achievement in his centenary year.

Due for release June 2014

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Frank Aiken’s War: The Irish Revolution, 1916–23 

by Matthew Lewis

Frank Aiken was one of independent Ireland’s most prominent politicians and international statesmen. In a career spanning 50 years he served in numerous high-profile ministerial roles and earned widespread recognition for his work as Ireland’s representative to the United Nations. Yet these later successes masked a controversial past. As with so many of his political generation, Aiken’s path to politics began amid the violent upheaval of the Irish revolution. The years 1916–23 had witnessed his transformation from an adolescent farmer to a local Sinn Féin activist and provincial guerrilla leader, and eventually to chief-of-staff of the IRA. Drawing on a wide variety of original archival sources, this book blends elements of biography and local study to offer both the first comprehensive account of Aiken’s role in the conflict, and the first in-depth study of the broader context of republican politics and violence in south-east Ulster in which he played such a pivotal role.

Due for release July 2014

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Vol. 17 Interviews and Autobiographical Reflections (released Nov. 2013)

and Vol. 18 Supplements and Index to the Collected Works (due for release May 2014)

Norbert Elias (1897–90) was one of the greatest sociologists of the twentieth century. His works (some originally written in English and some in German) extend the theory of civilising processes in major contributions to the historical understanding of the growth of knowledge and the sciences, of sport and leisure, of art and literature, and of the whole long-term development of human society. The volumes contain many writings not until now published in English, and previous editions have been thoroughly checked and revised, with many clarifications, cross-references and explanatory notes.

‘Norbert Elias is among the most important (and least ap­preciated) social thinkers of the twentieth century. His theory of modernity was prescient, insightful, and vindicated by discoveries he could not have dreamed of. Historians, sociologists, economists, psychologists, and neuroscientists can all profit by reading his eminently readable writings. The publication of this new and accessible edition of Elias’s works is an important event in intellectual life.’

 – Steven Pinker, Harvard College Professor of Psychology, Har­vard University, and author of The Better Angels of Our Nature: A New History of Violence and Humanity.


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