Final Deadline for IASIL Bibliography Update

Please send bibliographic information for any 2013 publications to your appropriate bibliography committee representative by April 20th.  For a complete list of the representatives by country, go to

General Points

 1.         What to include:  books and articles (in journals, collections of essays or conference papers and the like) on individual Irish writers and on Irish literatures and theatre more generally.  For the ‘General Studies’ section, items of a general cultural nature can also be listed, e.g. on language, film, folklore, etc.

 2.         What not to include:  historical, geographical and sociological articles and books, unless there’s a significant literary or cultural angle, nor translations of Irish literary works into other languages, unless there is an introduction and/or notes, commentary etc.

 3.         The ‘General Studies’ section has subsections, making the information easier to use.  The subsections are (a) Literature (b) Theatre (c) Language and Culture (d) Irish-related work by non-Irish writers.

4.         Any studies on the literature of the Irish diaspora, either in general terms or on specific authors, are welcome and should be listed under ‘General Studies’, subsection (d).

5.         Items on Irish-related work by English writers such as Spenser, Trollope, Thackeray, Arnold are also welcome.  Rather than being listed under the writer’s name in the ‘Individual Authors’ section, they should be included in subsection (d) in ‘General Studies’.

6.         On book reviews: we will consider reviews, especially those regarded as significant and extensive.  An indication of word length would be 3000+ words.  If you are in doubt about the significance of a book review, you might seek a justification from the contributor.

7.         Any items missed from previous years can be included.  Just give the year of publication if not 2013.

8.         Do not include articles listed in a previous Bibliography unless they have been reprinted in a different journal.  If known, previous publication details should also be noted.

9.         Do not include reprintings of books or publication of paperback editions, unless something has been added – a new introduction, for example.  On books in general, if you’re working from publishers’ lists, try to establish that the book actually appeared in 2013, and wasn’t just promised.